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T Series Generator -The latest technology in steam from Helo

The Helo T-series steam generator and control are packed with features to ensure the best possible steam environment. The latest design T1 control is to Helo what the iPhone was to Apple. The control has a proximity sensor built-in to the screen, so when it senses movement, it wakes up. Set the runtime, temperature and myriad other functions using the touch-screen and let the control and the generator work together using Helo’s unique soft steam function to create the perfect bathing experience.



The T1 control features the very latest in touch-screen and proximity sensing technology. To wake the control up, simply pass your hand in front of the screen. All functions are controlled via the touch-screen, so no buttons, dials or switches!


Features & Benefits

  • All-glass touch-screen control
  • Proximity sensor – wakes up the control panel from sleep mode
  • Programmable – steam can be ready when you get back from work
  • Clear LCD display with sleep function
  • Control temperature, runtime, ON/OFF and shower light
  • Soft steam – for a superior bathing environment

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